Restes morcelés

SERIES Restes morcelés 2024 These creations evoke organic bodies cut out of different sizes, such as worms or sausages, the shapes lie frozen here and available for study. These works follow a previous series in which various pieces explore the techniques and basic forms of ceramic modeling, rub shoulders with laboratory equipment and ceramist’s tools […]

Industrial visceral

SERIES Industrial-visceral 2018-2022. Exhibited at Nosbaum Reding Projects. In Industrial-visceral, the artist shows a new series of sculptural arrangements in which she combines common materials such as chrome tubing and wooden boards with household items such as trays, cups and vases. The resulting works are left in a state of limbo between construction and deconstruction, […]

Subtle oblivion

SERIES Subtle oblivion In this series, I mix different parts of tubular metal furniture, to create structures with planks that refer us to such furniture but do not fulfill any functionality. Tubular furniture has its origins in the 1920s attributed to Marcel Breuer who, taking advantage of the bicycle industry, decided to manufacture furniture that […]

Furnished line

SERIES Furnished line This is a three-dimensional drawing made with bent metal tubes, which draws different pieces of furniture, on a human scale.

Only wood 2016

SERIES Only Wood 2016 The project consists in an infinite number of hand cut pages from interior design, architecture and DIY magazines in which I took away everything that was not made of wood. A publication of 80 pages is available.


SERIES Multifuntional In this series I present a group of objects into which I have inserted parts of other objects, in order to force them to perform two or more functions. ¨Ladder-chair¨, 2013, wooden ladder, formica back and seat, 100 x 130 x40 cm. ¨Bookcase-bed¨, 2013, bookcase, matress and pillow, 80 x 120 x 30 […]


SERIES Encrusted ¨ Encrusted I¨, 2012, bookcase and chair, 120 x 200 x 80 cm. ¨Encrusted II¨, 2012, bookcase, bedside table and frame , 177 x 100 x 100 cm. ¨Encrusted III¨, 2012, desk and chair, 80 x 160 x 120 cm.

Football pitch metric system

SERIES Football pitch metric system The series evolved from a reflection of how normal it is to read or hear in the media references to sporting grounds when measuring large areas. Often such references are intended to help the reader or listener to imagine the measurements of large spaces, when in fact the opposite occurs, […]

From a distance

SERIES From Distance The project evolved from a series of observations of everyday occurrences related to retail chains with outlets all over the world. Globalization has meant that a great number of products can be easily acquired in any city worldwide.  This is most evident in developed countries, but in developing countries such as Mexico, […]

Manufacturing Flaws

SERIES Manufacturing Flaws A series of pieces in which I have imagined mass-produced objects having a congenital defect which manifests itself in absurd production errors. ¨Chest of drawers¨, 2009, chest of drawers (wood and screws), 97x138x158cm. ¨Door made of doors¨, 2009, wood, handles and hinges, 200 x 80 x 60 cm. La Casa Encendida, Madrid. […]