From Distance

The project evolved from a series of observations of everyday occurrences related to retail chains with outlets all over the world. Globalization has meant that a great number of products can be easily acquired in any city worldwide. 

This is most evident in developed countries, but in developing countries such as Mexico, there is still a significant production of traditional crafts. With this in mind I have worked on several pieces comparing the phenomena of handmade crafts and industrially manufactured items.

This series therefore presents a series of sculptures, making use of industrial manufacture and the consequences of globalization in large cities around the world, where a series of objects are available and easily acquired, in order to create a piece of artwork. 

The key which allows the realization of the different sculptures is the instruction manual. The idea is to create the manual in order to build the sculpture with the parts which can be assembled (mainly items of furniture). The fact that the objects are sold in many parts of the world meets two needs:

The need to make pieces from a distance, hence the name of the project. I am proposing a piece which can be exhibited in a different city to that in which I am based, by sending only the manual so it can be assembled using the suggested material (bought in the place where the piece is to be exhibited).

¨From a distance 1¨, 2006, 4 FORNBRO tables from IKEA, 180 x 110 x 110cm.

¨From a distance 2¨, 2009, 4 NORDMYRA chairs from IKEA and screws,180 x 200 x 150 cm.

¨From a distance 3¨, 2010, 3 BOJNE chairs, a VEJMON table and a DALOM table from IKEA, 170 x 178 x 170 cm.

¨From a distance 4¨, 2010, 4 POÄNG chairs from IKEA 150 x 220 x 170 cm.

¨From a distance 5¨, 2011, 4 PS SLINGRA chairs from IKEA, 230 x 130 x 100 cm.