Subtle oblivion

In this series, I mix different parts of tubular metal furniture, to create structures with planks that refer us to such furniture but do not fulfill any functionality. Tubular furniture has its origins in the 1920s attributed to Marcel Breuer who, taking advantage of the bicycle industry, decided to manufacture furniture that was very light and easy to mass produce.

In this series, I wanted to mix this innovative interest of the early twentieth century with what became popular at the end of the same century, very different things in terms of design. Thus, ¨subtle oversights¨ are objects that rest on top of the coins, as if someone had left them there. On this occasion, the forgotten objects belong to the domestic sphere and to that of the exhibition (in particular the idea of an exhibition installation and the owner of the house of the work).

They suggest an action (a kind of story or narrative); the action of leaving something on the works – which already speak to the theme of the ¨non-functional¨ work of art – in order to give them a use, if only as a simple shelf or bookcase.

I started the series in 2015 and continue to make pieces to this day.